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Graphite pencil and charcoal on stretched canvas.

122cm x 91cm

Once upon a time

  • Don’t you love the sound of the keys on an old typewriter?

    As a kid, I remember typing random words just to see the letters appear on the page. The loud bang following each stroke, and the little “ding” at the end of the line. The whole machine used to shake while the platen made its way back to the start. Sometimes I got a bit too quick and all the keybars got jammed at the centre.

    I have always loved writing and I could spend hours typing away...

    I would always start my page with “once upon a time”, even if I later remove it from the story; that sentence helped me get the momentum to create the first line. A bit like a run-up. 

    I hope you get to create your own story...

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