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My name is Cecile and I am a French surrealist artist who specialises in graphite pencil.

Told at an early age that drawing wasn’t a job, I was ushered into economic studies and got a business degree, then later qualified in fashion design and fashion business.

At the sweet age of 40, I revisited that longing desire to draw and gifted my first pieces to family members.

After being noticed by locals and getting an offer to display my collection (even though I didn’t even have one yet...), that was the confirmation I needed to throw myself fully into art.


On a down day, the act of drawing something quirky or amusing will lift my mood, and for a few hours of concentrating on that area of paper, the world will be a happy place...

My aim is to provide people with art pieces which will also bring them gratification, will start conversations, and bring nostalgia and humour to their home..


A little more about the art...


The common theme of my drawings is the balance and contrast of life and natural elements. Some people call it Ying and Yang, some prefer to label it dualism....

I love looking at the different aspects of humanity and nature (and the complexity of our own character and behaviours) with a cheeky twist - because life shouldn’t be taken too seriously...

I was always fascinated by Magritte. How he took everyday objects and put his own spin on their meaning or function, giving you the freedom to to see things as he did or follow your own interpretation.

As a young girl growing up in the French countryside, I looked forward to our monthly trips to the big city to look at gadgets and nik naks.

I remember fondly the office desk of my papa covered in novelty items such as house shaped eraser and animated pens... I found that lightness and humour necessary in life to deal with the everyday hustle.

I hope you will find that lightness too. 

Welcome on this journey.

Cecile xx


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