Graphite pencil on cotton paper.

52cm X 52cm

Infinity ball

  • When I was about 12 years old, I used to carry a keyring of a little pool ball around with me all the time. “My lucky keyring...”

    I am now aware that it did not provide any more luck than any other inanimate object but on the other hand, neither did it bring any major sad or unlucky events...So, I think that’s a win! J

    My dad had bought it for me on a work trip. Being in France, I imagine it would only have been a couple of hundred kilometres from home but his overnight stays made it seem like an eternity...

    Knowing that my dad took the time to purchase something for me while on a working trip made it extra special.

    In this drawing, the pool ball shows the emotional connection and memories carried by certain objects. The infinity symbol and the accentuated gap between the ball and its shadow represent the physical distance often separating people and their loved ones.