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Graphite pencil and pen on A1 (594mm x 841mm) cartridge paper.

This piece comes unframed.

"In The Eye Of The Maker"

  • This piece is particularly close to my heart... It was 4 years in the making and has been sitting safely in my mind until I finally moved from a career in fashion, to pursuing my passion of being an artist.

    It challenged me and motivated me to work at my best while thinking: “What if my idol was watching me right now... Would I do anything different? Is it good enough? Would I show this work to them?”

    But as well as portraying my idol looking in, it also shows a way to look from the inside out. I love the complexity of an iris as you look deeper into it. If you were to focus on a very tiny section without seeing the whole eye, you could imagine it to be anything...

    The third dimension of this piece is that everyone's perception is different and that our eyes are just a tool, but our minds and hearts are the true interpreters of our surroundings.

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