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Graphite pencil on cotton paper.

52cm X 52cm



  • I wanted to draw a 1 million dollar coin to show that small insignificant objects can sometimes have a huge value.

    The use of graphite accentuates the fact that it looks like a silver coin, making it – In theory – even cheaper.

    Value and price are often confused...; did you used to carry a photograph in your wallet, a cinema ticket, or a cut-out newspaper article? Maybe you still do? To strangers, these would hardly be worth anything, but to you they represent memories, a journey, mistakes, successes, etc. Maybe they were a turning point in your life...

    Do you remember the story of Kyle MacDonald who went on a “swapping” mission and ended up with a house, having started with a simple red paper clip (in only 14 trades)? Red paper clips are now used as a motivational tool because of the story associated with it.

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