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Ace Of Spade

The card concept took some tweaking and thinking.... 

I originally imagined a whole deck of cards thrown across the table with little hearts falling out. But after playing around with a few photos, the whole thing just looked too messy and I wasn't able to translate the message I had in mind with that particular image. 

So I started again with a different approach, a new deck of cards, and a more direct point.

Ace Of Spade is a representation of the uncertainty of life. Even a full hand of aces can turn into something unexpected.

It can be seen as a bad outcome, with the value of one card being completely cancelled, or you can imagine that this is a positive and exceptional event where that symbol becomes a whole new and independent entity.

Our lives are filled with contradictions and opposites; Night and day, hot and cold, right and left, ... We can even feel sad and happy all at the same time.

Those different states are what keep our world balanced. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose your behaviour and mindset.

The process...

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