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Beer Caps

This collection of beer caps drawings started in quite a random way...

On a sunny afternoon in Ballarat (yes, there are some warm days here sometimes...), I was sitting on one of our camp chairs, watching ducks play on the pond. I wanted to take a photo of them and reached into the chair's side pocket to get my phone, when I came across a bent beer cap from a previous bbq with friends.

The light from the sun was highlighting some areas of the cap and I thought that it would be challenging and interesting object to draw. It would help me practice the contrasts between highlights and shadows...

After drawing the first beer cap, a friend mentioned that it could be fun to draw more of them.... The reference objects are definitely easily available.

I really enjoyed the challenge of working on a series. When drawing details up close, it can be difficult to stay focused and your view of the drawing gets distorted by what your brain would like to see. I find it useful to walk away from a drawing every half hour and get back to it to re-focus my concentration.

With this series, I was able to walk away from one drawing, walk away and come back to a different drawing, therefore intensifying my level of focus. 

The process...

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