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Post No Bills

This is the very first drawing I did when I finally picked up a pencil again after 23 years.

The last few years have been challenging for everyone but I think they have also helped us prioritise what is important in our life and where our time should be spent: health, family, friends, and doing something you truly enjoy.

I thought that drawing a piece of paper was going to be easy. Really, it is only a bunch of grey shades and straight lines... Mmmmh... As I started this drawing, I realised that there was a lot more work involved in pencil shading as I first thought. 

When I drew as a child, my work always looked washed out because I only used one type of pencil and I was too afraid to go dark and make the mistakes very obvious.

I have since learnt that contrast is one of the most important points of realism. 

It is important to build up the darker shades with layers, rather than simply using a light pencil and a dark one.

I used 2 pencils and a pen for this piece. My most recent works now involve 6 different grades of pencils.

The process...

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