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In The Eye Of The Maker

This drawing has been on my mind for a few years before I finally set myself up to drawing it.

As you know, life happens, you get busy, you think that you'll get to it after.... 

It came a point where I was imagining that image every single day and it came time to get it out of my system and put it down on paper.

I have always been an admirer of Dior... Their hand-crafted items and couture dresses are absolutely beautiful. They put so much time and attention into every single detail of what they make. Every day, on every piece of work, they dedicate the same intricate techniques and time consuming work.

For every type of creative work that I did, I would ask myself: How would Dior do this? What would they think of this. It is the idea of Dior watching me which sparked the idea of drawing an eye in their name.

Although I won't compare my work to theirs, the shading within the iris challenged my patience and concentration... Some artists draw from left to right or by area; this is how this drawing started but I soon moved on to drawing by layers (doing the basic shading first, then the dark areas, then the highlights). It is still my favourite technique to date.

The process...

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